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November 15, 2017

Meet A PBS Presenter: Rob Costanza of The Growth Coach 3 Rivers

At some point in their careers, most business owners wonder how they’re going to survive running a company while maintaining their home life – and feel like one, or both, are suffering.

Rob Costanza of Growth Coach 3 Rivers helps business owners around the Pittsburgh region grow their business while managing their work/life balance.

What’s A Growth Coach?

Rob gets that question a lot. He says, “A Growth Coach is a certified Strategic Mindset business coach trained in delivering a process known as the Strategic Mindset Process. It is a long-proven process that effectively helps business owners and executives achieve a greater work/life balance.”

He knows that entrepreneurs give everything to help their company succeed, but may need some help to look at the big picture and handle their work and life stress.

Rob’s background includes sales and sales management positions in companies like Johnson & Johnson, Bard Access Medical and Strad Energy Services. He found he enjoyed coaching others, and decided to start The Growth Coach 3 Rivers.

Rob creates focused action plans that have clear objectives his clients can successfully meet. “By thinking more strategically, business owners become more effective in their role, which allows for the opportunity of greater wealth and personal freedom. In addition, the Strategic Mindset process has been expanded to assist managers and sales professionals, as well as with specific programs designed to increase their productivity and increase their results,” says Rob.

Rob presented a workshop at last year’s Pittsburgh Business Show, and looks forward to speaking again at the 2018 Show. “I enjoyed my experience at the 2017 show as it provided an opportunity to display my business services to a wide range of individuals, while also allowing me to network on a large scale with like-minded business professionals and entrepreneurs.”

To learn more about becoming a presenter for the Pittsburgh Business Show, visit our website at or give us a call at 412-668-4990.

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