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April 23, 2018

Veterans Place to Serve as Charitable Partner for the 2018 Pittsburgh Business Show

The Pittsburgh Business Show, the largest trade show and networking event in the area, announces that Veterans Place, an organization dedicated to ending homelessness among veterans in the Pittsburgh region, will serve as a charitable partner for the 2018 Pittsburgh Business Show.

Veterans Place offers homeless veterans a safe, supportive, and regenerative environment as they gain the necessary skills to face real-life challenges, secure permanent housing, and lead productive and self-sufficient lives. This organization has an array of services dedicated to addressing issues that veterans face in the Pittsburgh region, including a day program, transitional housing program, and employment for veterans. Their programs boast a high success rate, with 87% of residents gaining stable employment or receiving their pension or disability payments.

During the Pittsburgh Business Show, Veterans Place will serve as an exhibitor and have the opportunity to make connections with business leaders from the area while introducing them to the work that Veterans Place performs in the community.

“Every year, we find that Pittsburgh-area companies are unfailingly generous with providing social, financial, and career support for our veterans. As an exhibitor at the Show, we are looking forward to meeting more members of the business community, educating them on our mission, and discovering how we can work together in the future,” said Melissa Ernst, Employment Program Coordinator at Veterans Place.

“The Pittsburgh Business Show is proud to support several non-profit organizations in the Pittsburgh area, including Veterans Place. We have found that non-profit success develops from a mixture of traditional business models that are strengthened by fresh approaches to advocacy, education, and fundraising,” said Linda Jo Thornberg, President of the Pittsburgh Business Show.

This year’s Pittsburgh Business Show includes exhibitors, 30+ speakers and workshops, and several large-scale networking events for business owners, executives, and employees. The agenda also features new events including the inaugural Business Choice Awards, speed networking opportunities, and the Pittsburgh Business Pitch. Those interested in attending the Show can receive two-day discounted tickets.

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