PachaMama Divine Connection

We are PachaMama Divine Connection! “Pachamama”, meaning Mother Earth, and the “divine connection” is a reflection of our mission trips that we do back to Peru, where we have a foundation in which we provide dental care, educational tools, boots, hugs and so much more to our special children and families in the Andes.  We have our own cottage industry that is working with local women artisans so that they may have a more self-sustainable life.
We pride ourselves on our hand made and fair trade offerings, such as hand woven textiles, funky and fresh shoes that are one-of-a-kind, luxurious alpaca offerings in very unique and tasteful designs along with many delightful accessories to adorn the wardrobes of wonder.  We do many of our own designs which display every delight to the unique fashionista!  We offer men, women, and the most adorable children clothing that may make you want to have another child.  We offer our exotic tropical framed butterflies, hand made and fair trade, completely cruelty free, farm raised, no harm done as they live a full life unharmed. With our next project, We are not only interested just in a  retail market, but even more so, we are working collectively with the Center of Research and Observation of Butterflies in the sacred valley of Peru.  Our next endeavor with the center is to re-populate one endangered butterfly (Morpho Lympharis) with the hopes of saving them.
Our mission is to make a difference in any life that we may come into contact with, whether it would be making a magical experience for our patrons, making a true difference in those families and children in need, creating a sustainable life, or helping retain the beauty of the nature.
Our Heartfelt Thanks to those who voted for us!