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How to Improve Business Networking on Social Media

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Not only has social media networking changed the way businesses and brands connect with their audiences, but it has also brought the world of social media and commerce closer together. Networking on social media has become as important as networking in a physical setting. We’ve created a guide on networking on social media to help you establish and build your network on the social media platforms your business uses.

5 Tips on Social Media Networking for Your Business 

Build Your Social Presence 

To build your presence on social media, you’ll need to understand the following:

      1. Who you want to connect with, such as clients, industry experts, fellow brands in your market, and so on, 
      2. Where they interact on social media, in other words, not only on which platforms but also where they are on each platform, and 
      3. What they value or consume on each platform (videos, short-form content, articles, and the like.

When you understand these three aspects of your audience (the who, where, and what), you can actively start targeting your audience through connecting with them directly by posting quality content they will enjoy. 

Post Quality Content 

Understanding your audience is the key to successfully creating content they will engage with and share with their networks. When you know your audience, you can create content that will be valuable to them, which will establish you as a thought leader in the industry and will assist you in building your brand’s reputation. 

Always strive for quality over quantity in creating content. Try to avoid selling to your audience directly through your content. Also, be consistent in how much content you create as well as when you post your content so your audience can rely on your supply of value.

Join Local Communities 

By showing up where your audience is on social media, you’ll be creating a network in an efficient way without shouting into the void of cyberspace. Your messages will land in the correct feeds, giving you the best chance of converting a reader into a paying customer. 

Most social media platforms have some form of addressing specific communities. Whether it be by including groups on Facebook and LinkedIn or hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. Search for the relevant communities on each platform and set time aside to engage meaningfully on these platforms. 

Always remember to be mindful of good etiquette for each interaction. And, look for ways to share your network and platform with others who will be able to introduce you to their networks. 

If you have any questions on social media networking, feel free to get in touch with us for more advice.