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Mindset Coach and Business Strategist Joy Bufalini to Present at the 2018 Pittsburgh Business Show

Joy Bufalini

Award-winning business coach and speaker Joy Bufalini will be a presenter at the 2018 Pittsburgh Business Show, a business-for-business trade show and networking event being held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center on April 25 and 26, 2018.

Joy, owner of both Upgrade Your Business and Pittsburgh Women’s Mastermind, will be talking to Show attendees about how to transform their inner and outer game so that they can consistently grow their credibility and client base. Her presentation, Three Keys To Positioning Yourself As A Leader In Your Industry, helps business owners find new ways to reach and engage more potential clients by learning the skills needed – clarity, consistency, and confidence – to truly rise as a leader in their field. By learning these skills, and coupling them with mindset shifts in how business owners think and view themselves, they can grow their business without being overwhelmed and facing burnout.

In her seven years as a business owner, Joy has coached hundreds of women how to transform their lives and businesses through her signature UPGRADE™ formula. She helps them bring in more income with less effort, while staying in alignment with their personality, passion, and purpose.

“I’m really looking forward to connecting with like-minded women business owners at the Pittsburgh Business Show. We as women are very holistic by nature – what affects our life affects our business and vice versa.  I’m excited to share a unique perspective about how we as women can use our strengths and challenges to rise in more confidence and leadership in our industries,” said Joy.

This year, the Pittsburgh Business Show includes hundreds of exhibitors, networking events, 30-plus presentations and workshops, and the first-ever Business Choice Awards. Those interested in attending the Show and participating in the networking events and presentations can receive two-day discounted tickets.