Jessica Brooks
Pittsburgh Business Group on Health
CEO, MPM, PHR CEO/Executive Director

Pittsburgh Business Group on Health Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My willingness to do what it takes – to do the right thing – enables me to focus unapologetically on the mission at hand. Currently, this mission is to drive positive change in the health sector, an industry that I’ve had an innate connection with my entire life

As the CEO and Executive Director for the Pittsburgh Business Group on Health, I leverage education, advocacy, and partnerships to best serve our business members and their greater communities. Every day, we tackle challenges head-on to improve employee health, reduce employer health care costs, and secure a brighter future for health care.

Investigating shortfalls within the health benefits ecosystem has led me to recognize the enormous potential in employer collaboration to make large-scale decisions and ultimately transform the reality of health care. This potential is why I value deliberate, intentional, and empathetic relationships on both a local and national level. These relationships support my proactive efforts to address the impacts of accelerated consolidation and heightened competition in the health sector.

PBGH is a case study and benchmark for coalitions across the country. With a business model that allows others to leverage PBGH’s innovative infrastructure, we strive to be a resource for other coalitions as health care continues to evolve.

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