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3 Business Networking Trends in 2020

business networking trends

If you do nothing else this year to grow your business other than network with plenty of people relevant to your industry, you will have taken a massive step in the right direction. The question is, what can you expect from the business networking trends in 2020, and how can you best use them to your advantage? We highlight three of the biggest business networking trends below. 

Adopt Green for the Eco-Conscious 

‘Sustainability’ is the word that sums up the main trend of 2020 across all industries. If you have yet to adopt greener practices and really innovate in order to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, you will be losing out on some major opportunities – not only to bolster your bottom line, but also to add to your list of important business contacts. Green efforts, no matter how small, can go a long way towards getting the message across that your business strives to be more eco-conscious. Talking about these green changes is also a great way in which to kick start a conversation with someone who looks interesting.

E-Commerce Will Be Strong

Businesses need to be looking for more opportunities to grow their businesses online through e-commerce and social media. E-commerce is likely to be a prioritized topic of conversation at various business networking events around the globe. Be sure to seek out tips in terms of how to further improve your e-commerce offering going forward. There are certain to be individuals at the event who can provide you with more effective and budget-friendly solutions for this part of your business offering.

Competition for New Customers Will Be Fierce 

There is a palpable drive coming from all businesses in 2020. It is the start of a new decade and business owners and entrepreneurs are raring to go and determined to bring about positive changes to their establishments, especially in terms of their existing customer base. Soften this powerful competition by going into networking events with the goal of helping other businesses. Naturally, people will want to return the favor.

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