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How We Help the Community

Pittsburgh Business Show Supports Local Non-Profit Organizations

The Pittsburgh Business Show is proud to continue to support the community by creating partnerships for awareness and financial support with non-profit organizations in the Pittsburgh region. We invite you to learn more about these organizations and hope that you will join us in supporting them year after year.

Dress for Success

Dress for Success is an organization dedicated to providing women, who are entering the workforce for the first time or re-entering the workforce, with a network of support, professional attire, and the development tools they need to thrive. They offer women long-term solutions that can help them break the cycle of poverty and obtain safer and improved futures. Women not only receive professional attire, but they also develop the confidence and knowledge they need to help them reach their full potential.

Global Sisterhood

Founded by Dr. Shellie Hipsky, the Global Sisterhood educates, provides resources, and networks for women and girls internationally. By forming connections and supporting each others missions and movements, the Global Sisterhood provides sustainable ways for women throughout the world to make their goals a reality. The Global Sisterhood supports education and resources so women and children worldwide can thrive in business and in life.

Hope Grows

Hope Grows, founded by Lisa Story is an organization that provides caregivers with an environment where they can receive the support, counseling, and short-breaks they need in order to maintain balance in their lives. With their one-of-a-kind approach to wellness, Hope Grows assists caregivers with managing their physical, psychological, and spiritual stress. They use nature to inspire hope and to help empower caregivers to find wellness of mind, body, and spirit with their range of initiatives and programs.

She Deserves

This organization, founded by Susan Miller, helps to provide support to women who have been victims of abuse and abusive relationships. She Deserves provides support to these women by first performing individual evaluations and analyses which work to identify the strengths of each victim. With that information, they enroll victims in programs that offer a business plan as well as entrepreneurial skills development while also providing an individual support team and business grants to those who continue to demonstrate growth in their business.

50 Shades of Silence

50 Shades of Silence, founded by Darieth Chisolm, is a social justice project that educates people on the issues of cyber assault, empower the victims of these crimes and advocates for tougher laws. Darieth launched this project in response to the actions of her ex-boyfriend and is a recent survivor of cyber sexual assault. 50 Shades of Silence provides a line of motivational and empowerment material for assault victims and survivors called Everyday Courage.

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement (JAWP) is the world’s largest organization providing young people with the skills and knowledge they need to plan for their future, own their economic success and make smart, informed economic and academic choices. Their programs are presented by community and corporate volunteers, providing hands-on experiences to students from K-12. These programs teach students with the skills and knowledge in work readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship they need to succeed.

Veterans Place of Washington Boulevard

Veterans Place is dedicated to ending homelessness among our veterans in the Pittsburgh region by providing them with a safe, supportive and regenerative environment where they can gain the necessary skills to secure permanent housing, face real-life challenges, and lead self-sufficient lives. Through an array of services, Veterans Place is dedicated to addressing issues faced by veterans in the Pittsburgh region. Veterans Place provides Transitional Housing Programs, Employment Services, and Day Programs to assist veterans.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) is the leading national non-profit organization that is focused on eliminating the loss of life from suicide with local chapters in all 50 states, including Pittsburgh. AFSP delivers prevention education, community, and advocacy programs to create a culture that is aware of and educated on mental health. AFSP also raises funds for suicide research and programs and supports individuals who have lost someone to suicide.

Santonio Holmes – III & Long Foundation

III & Long Foundation, founded by Santonio Holmes, is dedicated to raising awareness and funding to help fight Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) through merchandise, programs, and fundraising events. This foundation provides financial support, grants, and treatment options for families who are affected by the disease to ensure they receive proper education and treatment. III & Long also provides specialized programs and educational services to help unite and support the SCD community.

Inspired Women

Inspired Women is an organization dedicated to Paying it Forward by raising funds for local and international women-oriented charities through quarterly happy hour meetings where 100+ women “network with a purpose.” At these meetings, three charity names are drawn from a hat and the women in attendance vote, making out checks on the spot to the winning charity with100% proceeds going to the chosen charity. Inspired Women creates a space for women who have more to act on behalf of the women who have less through philanthropy.

Boys and Girls Club of Western PA

The Boys and Girls Club of Western PA provides after school and summer programming at eight sites throughout Western PA, serving as a place where children can gain the crucial tools they need for a successful future. This organization provides children with a safe place they can learn, grow, and have fun! Through a variety of programs such as summer camp, after-school programs, and the arts, the Boys and Girls Club of Western PA serves as a place where children can lay the foundation for a successful future.

Urban Pathways Charter School K-5

Urban Pathways Charter School K-5 is a tuition-free charter school located in Downtown Pittsburgh and serving as a leader in urban education. Urban Pathways Charter School is the only school within Pennsylvania to successfully and fully implement the Core Knowledge Curriculum. With rigorous educational standards and connecting learning with experiences in the Pittsburgh Cultural District and City of Pittsburgh, Urban Pathways Charter School provides students with a learning environment where they can thrive.


Care for a Cure was founded in 2008 by Dave McGarry in Cody, Wyoming. CARE is a registered non-profit 501(c)3 organization. CARE was established as a dual-purpose organization, focusing both on breast Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease awareness and prevention.

McGarry felt compelled to launch the organization after his life was indelibly changed forever following his mother’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s disease and several friends passing from Breast Cancer.

His conviction to make a difference led to the formation of CARE. Since its inception, CARE has focused on medical research initiatives, advocacy, and family care. CARE is also developing cutting -edge mobile apps to assist caregivers, family members, and those suffering with Alzheimer’s disease with valuable resources.

CARE’s vision is to expand into a global charity. With your help CARE will grow its impact, bringing about awareness, treatment, funding, and resources to those suffering from these diseases and those caring for them. All while progressing toward a cure