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At the Marley Financial Group in Eighty Four, PA, we take pride in really thinking out of the box when it comes to planning for your health and future. Our agents are equipped to guide you through the process of finding the best life or health insurance and retirement plans to suit your lifestyle. As an independent agency, we have access to every available company and product nationwide.

In 26 years, we have never had a retirement plan fail, and we were the first agency in the country to create an alternative to the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. Contact us for a free quote; we’re happy to speak with you!


You are never too young nor too old to create a life insurance plan. If anything should happen unexpectedly, we can make sure your family and business are well taken care of. We’ll start you with a free quote. Call today!

Our Vision:

No singular company could address every client’s full breadth of insurance, tax and retirement planning needs, until now. This is why we are an independent agency able to work with an extremely wide offering of providers.

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The first thing people wonder when it comes to insurance and retirement planning is: “Can I afford this?” We believe you can, and we’d love to provide a quote and meet with you to show you how!


Based in Eighty Four, PA, Marley Financial Group is a full-service, independent life, health, and retirement planning agency. In addition, through our partnership with Resourcing Edge, the team at Marley Financial Group offers a complete range of HR and payroll administration services. These services enhance our ability to serve our clients and are a perfect complement to our health and life insurance products.

  • Payroll & Tax Administration
  • Benefits Administration & Consultations
  • Rick Management & Compliance
  • Technology
  • Human Resources Services
  • Recruiting Services