Software Development

JazzHR is powerful, user-friendly, and affordable recruiting software that is purpose-built to help growing companies exceed their recruiting goals. JazzHR’s best-in-class software replaces time-consuming and manual hiring tasks with intuitive Applicant Tracking software designed to help recruiters and hiring managers recruit, and hire the right talent, fast. We currently help more than 4,500 customers vet over 19 million candidates and hire over 500,000 new employees.  More important than the shear number of hires, though, is that fact that they’re the right hires. JazzHR devotes a lot of resources to developing and maintaining strong alliances so that JazzHR customers can easily get jobs published and get visibility to and ultimately hire strong candidates.  As an example, JazzHR has partnered with all the leading candidate sources like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, Zip Recruiter, and Google, among others.