Joyous Graphics Lab
Web Design & Development

Highly self-motivated and goal-oriented, Kim Guthrie leveraged her skills and experience gleaned from both her 16-year teaching career in Multi-Media and English with her 2-year stint as a Graphic Design & Marketing Coordinator into operating her own graphic and web design business, Joyous Graphics Lab.
Joyous Graphics Lab’s specialty is helping new businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovators create and position their brand so that they stand out amidst competitors in the marketplace. Kim’s heart is to also help current and established businesses reassess and update their branding and branding identity to ensure that both align with its current growth and direction. Kim excels at creating the face of one’s business by bringing each client’s vision to life, while infusing her own recognizable style in each design project she tackles.

Though Kim is currently in the process of repositioning and rebranding Joyous Graphics Lab, feel free to visit her basic website to learn more: