Personal Safety Alliance

Personal Safety Alliance teaches you to take responsibility for your own personal safety by offering sought-after safety seminars and classes nationwide. Jody designs energy-packed personal safety, rape prevention, and in-home caregiver safety seminars. She has the knowledge, skills, and ability that is necessary to help you develop your own plan of action for personal safety. Jody is a certified Sabre Pepper Spray Instructor and an instructor with the nationally recognized Refuse to be a Victim program. 

She is also a professional speaker along with a media contributor. Her influence reaches beyond the classroom as she is a competitive shooter, spokesperson and facilitator for a Girl and a Gun’s women shooting league, and an NRA certified range officer. Jody was recently awarded by the Trigger Pressers Union for instructing over 1,500 women in the past year on lethal and non-lethal self defense. Lastly, she was a 2018 Inspiring Lives Global award nominee.

Jody now owns her own indoor shooting range and training facility which allows her to teach individuals of all ages on the importance of safety in everyday life.