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Best Pittsburgh Networking Tips

Networking Pittsburgh

One thing all professionals should be doing is networking. The connections made during networking and the skills you gain by networking regularly are vital to salary growth, job satisfaction, staying employed or even landing a new job. You can meet potential business partners and clients while making a new connection in your industry and throughout the business world.

Networking in Pittsburgh is a great way to spot valuable business opportunities and build new relationships that will help you grow your network. If you’ve never networked before or even if you are a networking pro, follow these tips to get the most out of networking.

Make old connections new again

If you’re finding connecting with people to be difficult or you aren’t sure where to begin, start out by reconnecting with old friends. Even if the relationship has been dormant, these connections are ones that may serve as a valuable source of industry knowledge and a source of new connections that can help you grow your network.

These dormant connections have gained new information and new connections since you last spoke and with your history and experience together, connecting with them is faster and more comfortable.

Ask the three golden questions

Whether it is a networking event or a lunch appointment with a new connection, there are three questions that you should ask during your encounter or meeting. These three questions are:

  • “How can I help you?” This allows you to immediately add value to the conversation with a referral, suggestion, or opportunity and to present yourself as a giver to your new connection.
  • “What ideas do you have for me?” Asking for ideas or assistance from the people you are talking to gives them the opportunity to add value to the interaction as well.
  • “Who else do you know that I should talk to?” This question will help you find others in this individual’s network who may serve as beneficial connections for you to have.

Be genuine and show interest in what the other person has to say. As you listen, do your best to respond in an active and constructive way. This will help you focus on the relationship you want to build and help you to make a more powerful connection.

Follow the five-minute favor ruleNetworking Events Pittsburgh

The five-minute favor means that if you can do something for someone in less than five minutes, then do it. By following the rule of the five-minute favor, you can make a small commitment to taking a few minutes each day to help someone who can largely benefit from your help.

These favors may include an introduction, a reference, constructive feedback, or a broadcast on social media helping the promote their product, brand, etc.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a favor

Asking for a favor can help strengthen your bond and cement a relationship with a new professional connection. Many times, people can be very helpful, but some may afraid to ask for help for fear of being viewed as selfish. If this is a concern of yours, try following the rule of two, giving two favors before asking for one. This will show your generosity and help to build trust with the person you are connecting with.

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