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Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh: A Hidden Gem of Resources for Pittsburgh Entrepreneurs

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, better known for housing a wide selection of books, is also a resource for entrepreneurs. The Library is brimming with information on how to start a business, find funding, client lists and more!

Whether you are looking to expand your horizons as a business owner with a new venture, or you need assistance starting your first business or non-profit, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh provides one-on-one meetings with a business librarian tailored to your needs.

The Library for Books and Business

Tammy Stoken, Business Librarian at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh-Main, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh: A Hidden Gem of Resources for Pittsburgh Entrepreneurs said they can assist entrepreneurs with research as well as with connecting them to organizations that can assist with funding.

“We do personal appointments for people who are thinking about or want to start a business. We help them with databases such as A-Z, Reference USA, and First Research, being the main three. There are many more. We use those to access marketing lists, client lists, competitors, and industry information,” Stoken said.

This program is under Workforce and Economic Development led by Wes Roberts, Library Services Manager. This department includes business, non-profit, patents, and trademarks as well as the Job and Career Education Center, at the Main Library location in Oakland.

“We also assist with getting financial information and forecasts for sales in industries,” Stoken said.  “And, if we can’t help them with certain needs, like financial, we have a nice network of people who can help them.”

Databases for Business and So Much More!

In addition to the business databases, Stoken said they have a variety of other databases people can use to gain valuable information. “The amount of databases, not just business, in general, that we have is amazing,” Stoken said.

Other available databases include ones such as Creativebug, which teaches people things like painting, crocheting, knitting, and other creative skills, as well as which is a database that offers tutorials on computers and professional skills.   Stoken said someone who is having trouble with Excel or Word could learn from

Stoken said the Main Library also provides free computer classes on subjects such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. They also offer Computer 1, Computer 2, and Computer 3, which are geared toward people who are new to using a computer and need to start with the basics such as how to use the mouse.

Meet the Carnegie Library at the Pittsburgh Business Show

Stoken said most people think of books when they think of the library, so many people are not aware of the business and other services they offer. “Our goal is to raise awareness that the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has services and programs to assist entrepreneurs and it’s all free of charge,” said Stoken.

At the Pittsburgh Business Show, they will have a table set up where they will have library card applications and will be providing library cards to people who don’t have them. Stoken said they will also be passing out information about their programs. “We’ll have a computer there, so we can actually show people how the databases work,” Stoken said.

Join the Carnegie Library at the Pittsburgh Business Show to be held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center on May 14 & 15, 2019. Purchase your two-day tickets by clicking here.