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Choosing Trade Show Attire to Make Your Team Stand Out

Having success at a tradeshow, like the Pittsburgh Business Show, depends on a variety of factors. From the design of your booth and company branding to the product information you provide and your ability to engage customers, there is a range of things that contribute to your tradeshow success.

The personal presentation of each of your staff members at your booth also plays a significant role in how customers perceive your company.

Business Casual vs. Business Professional

Business casual is the most common type of apparel for a tradeshow. This is known to be a more informal kind of business attire and is commonly worn by attendees and staff at tradeshows. Business casual clothing options include dress shirts, casual bottoms such as dress pants, khakis, or a skirt. You can pair this with loafers, dress shoes, closed-toe flats, or pumps with a low heel.

Business professional is more flexible than formal business attire and may be more common at some tradeshows. For business professional attire, men and women may choose to wear a full suit or pants or a skirt paired with a matching jacket or blazer and for men a collared shirt and tie. For this style, it is essential to choose casual, conservative shoes such as loafers, low-heeled pumps, or flat.

Choose the Style that Suits Your Industry

The style you choose depends mainly on whether you are representing a specific corporate brand or industry. Many corporate brands will usually choose business professional or business casual. A non-corporate brand will commonly wear business casual attire while start-up companies tend to favor business casual over business professional attire.

If you sell a product that can be worn, such as workout clothing or leisurewear, it could be a great marketing opportunity to have your staff dressed in the company’s products. If you’re not sure what to have your staff wear, check the tradeshow’s website and look at photos from previous years to gather attire ideas.

Coordinating Your Staff’s Apparel

If you are looking for a way to ensure your staff looks appropriate while reinforcing your company’s identity, you may choose to coordinate your staff’s appearance by providing them with what expected of them for their appearance and attire. To coordinate your staff’s apparel, you can:

Purchase branded clothing for everyone to wear. 

This is an excellent option for a company whose staff already wears uniforms, such as servers. If booth attendees see your team in uniform, they will be able to make an immediate association with your brand when they see your booth.

You can also purchase collared shirts with your company logo in colors that complement your brand.

Let your staff choose what they want to wear within the limits of business casual, formal, or professional. 

If you don’t want a uniform look, allow staff to have the flexibility to choose their outfits. To keep things in order, you could have them all wear the same color, but will enable them to select the type of shirt they want to wear in the same color as long as they are dressed appropriately.

Combine the strategies above. 

Even if you give your team the freedom to choose, it is still important to incorporate some of your branding into the attire. You can do this by having the staff wear badges, lanyards, name tags, or badges with the company logo and colors. Be sure to color coordinate with your brand and avoid colors that clash with it.

Wear Your Business Best and Join us at the Show

The Pittsburgh Business Show will be held on May 5th, 2020, at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. To become an exhibitor, visit the Pittsburgh Business Show website.