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Maniet Financial Services Network provides our clients with access to a wide range of high quality investments. Investments from conservative to aggressive.


Many people today refer to themselves as “financial planners” — accountants, insurance agents, stockbrokers, bankers, and a variety of others. Each brings their limited perspective to the broad spectrum of the process.

At Maniet Financial Services Network, we have always emphasized the “comprehensive planning process.” We have been developing our expertise, professionalism and research methods since 1995. We decided then to develop a financial planning process, which we could offer as a professional service, and to deliver creative solutions to meet the needs and goals of our clients. These clients — and our peers — recognized the value and benefits of this history.


Maniet Financial Services Network is an independent, full service, financial planning organization. The office is located in a convenient location in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Pa. It is an independently owned branch office of Triad Advisors, Inc.,a broker-dealer based in Atlanta, Ga. Triad is a member FINRA and SIPC. Since MFSN is independent, it can offer products from a multitude of investment providers.Clients receive unbiased advice on investments to provide true diversification.You are never too young or old to start planning for the future and you do not need a lot of money to get started. Many people think they have to be rich to benefit from a financial planning organization. We cater to both ‘the average Joe’ and the wealthy investor. All you need to have is the realization that you need a financial plan and the willingness to get started.

When David Maniet opened his financial planning business, he brought with him all the lessons he learned from growing up in a large family. Years as the family mediator have taught him to look at the whole picture. According to David, “You need to see both sides of everything in life to truly know what’s going on.”

He understands that people can be intimidated by their surroundings and appreciate convenience. You can find Maniet Financial Services Network (MFSN) in an accessible South Hills location with no parking fees. When you walk in, you are greeted with a smile by Sandy Palma, the Office Manager/Administrative Assistant. David calls her “his right arm.” She’s been with him for ten years. You sit in a pleasant environment in comfortable chairs and speak to people who want to work with you. Most importantly, they listen to you and ask the right questions. What are your financial goals? How can we help you achieve these goals?

Our clients vary in age and income. They are single, married, divorced and widowed. We help with retirement planning, financial planning – personal and business, Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning. We do all types of insurance, traditional investments, and alternative investments such as Real Estate Investment Trusts, Oil and Gas Partnerships, Equipment Leasing, and Business Development Companies. We also offer Traditional and Roth IRA’s,Tax Reduction Planning, 123College Financial Aid Planning