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Public insurance adjuster licensed in FL, OH, PA, and WV. Free consultation, no up front fees, only 20% commission of the fees collect from your insurance.

About Us

When your property is damaged, more than your property hurts. This very emotional disturbance to one’s life can devastate the daily life routine, causing more stress and problems than just an insurance claim.

A Public Insurance Adjuster is on your side and can help immensely. Studies show when one hires the professional services of a public insurance adjuster for a major catastrophe, the insured could receive 400 to 500% even up to 747% for their loss.

Having suffered a loss on your home or business is devastating. Your success in rebuilding “as it was before the loss” is our goal. A public adjuster works for your best interest as a home or business owner.

We will work with you and your insurance company to settle your loss as per the insurance policy that was purchased.

“My house burned down. The insurance company had already estimated the damage and paid us $87K. After we hired Brian, we were presented a check in the amount of $141K additional.”

Another client said:

“We had a water loss. The insurance company denied this claim. Brian helped us reversed that decision and fought for $105K.”

Pfister Adjusting, Inc. is a proud Member of Aapia The American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters ( and The Florida Association of Public Adjusters (Fapia).

We are licensed in the following states. Our License Numbers:
Florida P102325
Pennsylvania 501231
Ohio 795459
West Virginia 9156943


What is a Public Adjuster?

This is a personalized service, a public adjuster steps in, during one’s emotional roller coaster ride during an insurance claim. A public adjuster, recognizes, measures, documents and reports all the details of the claim for a more comprehensive scope of one’s claim allowing for the best possible claim settlement process.

A public insurance adjuster is a person or business which is licensed by the Department of Insurance in a state.

A public adjuster is the only entity or person allowed by law to help a policy holder outside of a family member.

A public Adjuster is a professional, whom is knowledgable about an insurance policy and knows what insurance policies really cover.

What is covered by your insurance company?

The general public would be surprised. Many times, homeowner’s have damage and spend their own money to make repairs on their homes. They don’t realize damage may or would have been covered by an insurance policy which they paid for once already. In essence, they have paid twice for this damage.

What is an Insurance Policy?

An insurance Policy is a contract offered from an insurance company that will repair a certain type of damage to a person or property. A public insurance adjuster knows if the damage is insurable.

When to call a Public Adjuster?

It is true, not all claims need a Public Adjuster. When a loss occurs, an insurance company hires an adjuster to adjust your loss and report what they think the loss amount should be.

An adjuster hired by the insurance company is likely to do what the insurance company hires them to do, as to receive a steady paycheck and keep their job and steadily employed.

It is our opinion the possibility of such an adjuster may not thoroughly see all the damage that was created by the loss, thus creating a less than comprehensive repair estimate for your loss.

This difference in looking at a loss from two different points of view can mean a very different outcome of your claim.

Realizing every claim is different and history does not dictate future claims, however, claims we have settled in the past show a very wide margin for home and business owners.

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AAPIA stands for the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters.

The AAPIA website states.
“Hiring a public insurance adjuster can add value to a policyholder’s insurance claim.”

FAPIA stands for the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. They are the largest association for public adjusters in the nation.