Veterans Place of Washington Boulevard
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Veterans Place is dedicated to ending homelessness among veterans in the Pittsburgh region.

About Us

Veterans Place is dedicated to ending homelessness among veterans in the Pittsburgh region. We offer homeless veterans a supportive, safe, and regenerative environment as they gain the necessary skills to face real life challenges, secure permanent housing and lead productive and self-sufficient lives. At veterans place we have an array of services dedicated to addressing issues that our veterans face in the Pittsburgh region. We pride ourselves with not only our success, but the quality of services we provide.


Transitional Housing Program

The Transitional Housing Program provides a supportive and sober living environment that can accommodate 48 homeless veterans for up to a 24-month stay in one of our 13 townhouses on Washington Boulevard.  Veterans in the program receive recovery support, case management, clothing, access to an on-site food pantry, financial management and employment and educational support designed to build their self-sufficiency and independent living skills. The ultimate goal of achieving permanent housing is central to the Transitional Housing Program.


Preparing Veterans for life-sustaining employment is paramount to combating homelessness.  At Veterans Place, we focus on the economic mobility of Veterans by investing in workforce development & education and addressing basic needs. We recognize that basic needs must be met in order for unemployed, under-employed, formerly incarcerated, homeless Veterans to advance along the economic continuum. In addition, access to education and job training are critical to lift people out of poverty, connecting them to tools that will help them build better lives.Veterans will be provided vocational resources, such as job preparedness training, skills building, vocational certification and career counseling that will enable Veterans to connect to jobs and develop a stronger financial future.

Day Programs

Through our Day Program, veterans from shelters and on the streets are transported to the Veterans Place facility on Washington Boulevard where they are provided meals, clothing, showers, and access to telephones, computers and TV. Those who are willing participate in case management, health-related referrals, employment/educational assistance, financial literacy workshops, and other services designed to address the root causes of homelessness, including chemical dependency and mental illness.  By leveraging in-house services with a variety of community partners, the Day Program operates as the front line for homeless vets and a gateway to other programs and services in the region.

Tiny Home Communities

Veterans Place is partnering with BOB Project Inc. to build a tiny house community that will serve as permanent, supportive housing for homeless Veterans. The modular “living” homes can expand as Veteran’s needs change and the neighborhood will include a holistic center, green spaces and community gardening that will contribute to the overall vitality of the neighborhood by serving as a resource for both the tiny homes community and surrounding community at large. The tiny homes will incorporate energy efficiency upgrades, solar and other green building efforts to make the homes healthy and affordable. The model Tiny Homes’ site will consist of fifteen tiny homes, a holistic center, a shared community garden, a gathering pavilion, storm water retention pond, and walking trail on a 3.7-acre site in the Penn Hills neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. It In the 5,000 square-foot community center, veterans will be able to take classes, develop a skill set in new trades, cook and share meals, and participate in events sponsored by the greater community. The Tiny Homes will be built, sometimes with the help of the occupying veteran.