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As the presenting sponsor for the 2020 Pittsburgh Business Show, Higher Images is excited to be assisting in the growth of the Pittsburgh business marketplace.


Located in Bridgeville, less than 20 miles outside of Pittsburgh, Higher Images has been supporting local businesses and meeting their marketing needs for over 17 years. With a wide range of expert digital marketing services, Higher Images focuses on helping small – and – medium-sized businesses grow in the local area.

Higher Images provides local, regional, and national businesses with direct results on their marketing campaigns with their revolutionary Digital HI Technology. This online platform joins together multiple technologies into one user-friendly marketing console which is used for all Higher Images Products. As a full-service resource for all digital marketing needs Higher Images provides a range of services including, PPC campaigns, branding initiatives, SEO plans, web design as well as public relations, social media, and more!

To continue to serve their clients with the latest, cutting-edge marketing technology, Higher Images, over the last year, has made strides with their new technologies, revamping a 15-year old technology to create an exciting and effective new way for clients to reach their target market.

This new technology is called Webtracker, which is a targeted display advertising technology the allows Higher Images to define their ideal audience and serve ads to them across both mobile devices and computers.

“This is an exciting product because never before have we had the ability as a marketing agency to be so highly targeted with our advertising campaigns. Our clients are really able to get the most bang for their buck with these incredible technologies,” said Dan Harmon, Vice President of Higher Images.

Higher Images is excited to be offering this advanced and effective one-of-a-kind technology to their clients. This “alien” technology is breaking new ground in the marketing world, helping clients rise above their competition and take their company’s marketing out of this world! Call (412) 203-1996 or visit their website at to learn more!

Higher Images is thrilled to be working the Pittsburgh Business Show again, working toward the common goal of providing business owners with the opportunity to promote their products and service, attend valuable business workshops, and network with Pittsburgh’s industry leaders to grow their business.