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How to Promote Your Business at a Trade Show

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How to Promote Your Business at a Trade Show

Attending a trade show is a great opportunity to create new business prospects by talking to business owners and employees who have an interest in your product or service.

The best way to promote your company at a business show in Pittsburgh is to be an exhibitor. When you have a trade show booth, you’ll be in the heart of the foot traffic, and you can talk to everyone, including attendees and other exhibitors.

  • Create a Networking Circle. Look at the exhibitor information that’s available before the business show starts, and then decide who you’d like to chat with. Create a “must” list of people who you feel you should talk to so that you can properly promote your business. That’s the first part of establishing a long-distance relationship that will fruitful for both you and your contacts for many years.


  • Have Your Booth Ready for Company. Your trade show booth should be extension of your brand, while presenting your product or message. With only about 30 seconds available to talk to visitors before they continue wandering up and down the aisles, you’ll need a booth that’s eye-catching and welcoming. Your marketing materials should be ready for a variety of customers like sales staff, financial staff, and CEOs. It’s a good idea to create different marketing materials based on the people you’re likely to see. For example, for a company’s financial officer, you should have a fact sheet talking about the money that your product saves, or how much of an investment the company would be making to use your new technology.


  • Train Your Staff. Conferences are usually several days, so you should have 2-3 people working at your company’s booth. Think of who would be best to talk to those walking by: probably your marketing or sales employees, but you should think of having your CEO there to talk to potential customers. You may also want staff members who are involved in the departments that generate the most revenue. If someone walks by to ask in-depth questions, someone should be there who can answer all questions clearly. You may want to develop a list of questions that you think you’ll get from visitor traffic, then map out some possible answers that are both concise and informative.

Grow Your Brand and Network with Other Business Ownerspromoting business at a trade show

Business conventions in Pittsburgh allow you to meet people who can use your businesses and services, or who can help you with your company’s needs.  The goal of the Pittsburgh Business Show is to help build partnerships, bring businesses together for networking, and create new business opportunities for companies.

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