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Improv and Office Culture Expert Andrea Wetherald to Present at the 2018 Pittsburgh Business Show

Andrea Wetherald of Improvising the Office will present her newest workshop, “Fun Over Friction: The Secret Sauce for Powerful and Impressive Teamwork” at the 2018 Pittsburgh Business Show, a business-for-business trade show and networking event being held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center on April 25 and 26, 2018.

Andrea Wetherald is a social worker turned improviser who is passionate about fortifying healthy, motivating and overall braggable office cultures. She partners with businesses who are invested in their corporate culture to take their communication, collaboration, and group dynamic to the next level.

“Applying the principles of improv to the corporate environment may sound unusual, but improv offers some very practical strategies that managers can employ right away to get more out of their employees’ collaboration efforts. There will be more ideas from which to choose, giving better overall results,” said Andrea. “Improv is all about collaboration; it is only successful when teammates are listening carefully, supporting readily, communicating clearly, and ultimately creating an environment of trust. My highly interactive workshop will teach you practical mindset and behavior techniques to get more out of your teamwork and collaborative experiences.”

Outside of her corporate work, Andrea recently launched a series of half-day personal growth workshops using improv and mindfulness practice to help participants find more freedom and joy in their lives.

This year, the Pittsburgh Business Show includes hundreds of exhibitors, several large-scale networking events, 30-plus presentations and workshops, and the first-ever Business Choice Awards. Those interested in attending the Show and participating in the networking events and presentations can receive two-day discounted tickets.