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Live Podcast with the YaJagoffs

The Pittsburgh Business Show is excited to announce the return of the Pittsburgh Podcast Pod featuring a live podcast from the YaJagoff! Podcast. The podcast pod will feature a variety of other live podcasts throughout the Show on May 14 & 15 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Live Podcast with the YaJagoffs
John Chamberlin and Rachael Rennebeck

John Chamberlin and Rachael Rennebeck, Partners of YaJagoff! Media, host the weekly YaJagoff! podcast. This Pittsburgh-centric podcast is released on all of the podcast platforms and covers technology, science, non-profits, comedians, and musicians from Pittsburgh.

“It’s one of these things that as Pittsburgh progresses through time we like to showcase the people that are part of that ever-changing possibility,” said Rennebeck.

Rennebeck said with the presence the Show has in the city, it made sense for them to collaborate. “We knew it was an event that was going to thrive, so it seemed to make sense, since the podcast is growing and the business show is growing, that they collide,” Rennebeck said.

Rennebeck and Chamberlin organized the Pittsburgh Podcast Pod which will feature Pittsburgh’s best podcasters, including:

May 14th

9:30 AM – The YAJAGOFF! Podcast, Racheal Rennebeck and John Chamberlain

A podcast all about the unique people and things going on in Pittsburgh!

3:00 PM – The Piper Podcast – Aaron Watson (Formerly Going Deep with Aaron Watson)

A dive into how businesses and startups work.

4:00 PM – Awesome Cast – Micheal Sorg

A podcast centered around all things tech.

May 15th

1:00 PM -The Pitchwerks Podcast – Scot MacTaggart

If you’re in sales, business development, marketing, product management or politics, The Pitchwerks Podcast is a fast, easy way to sharpen your tools each week. Spend 30 minutes with us. Get an outside opinion on how the job is done, and what others are struggling with.

2:00 PM – Bold Sports, Amanda Narcisi and Steve Fernald

Podcast covering Pittsburgh sports and the impact on businesses.

3:00 PM – Bold Nights Out, Amanda Narcisi and Steve Fernald

A look at entertainment in Pittsburgh from food and drinks to family activities, adventure, and cultural events and their impact on Pittsburgh businesses.

Rennebeck said they want to take a Pittsburgh-based look at how specific vendors have an impact in their industry and the community. “We love seeing how the speed networking has caught on and we want to discuss how networking in general from a business perspective has changed over the years.”

Listen to live podcasts from the best in Pittsburgh podcasting, participate in speed networking, attend valuable workshops and speaker session all at the Pittsburgh Business Show May 14 and 15. Purchase your two-day tickets today by visiting here.