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Pittsburgh Business Pitch: DisSolves


DisSolves, will be joining the 2018 Pittsburgh Business Show on April 25th and 26th to participate in the Pittsburgh Business Pitch. This program will give six new Pittsburgh start-up business concepts the once in a lifetime opportunity to win start-up services, worth that can help get their business off the ground.

Bringing the Future of Food Packaging to Pittsburgh

DisSovles, founded by Jared Raszewski, is introducing an innovative form of dissolvable, edible packaging that can be used to package drink mixes, such as protein powder, baby formula, and water flavoring, in convenient pods, like Tide Pods. This plant-based and dissolvable packing allows the powder to be fully contained and portable while also being more sustainable than traditional packaging.

According to Raszewski the concept for this edible packaging exists at the intersection of saving the world and saving the consumer time. Rather than wasting your time measuring drink powders, you can pop a whole pod into your water and the packaging will dissolve with the beverage into your drink. “Our vision is to eliminate the need to measure, the inconsistency of servings, the possibility of a mess, and lack of portability of current drink mixes by introducing our packaging solution. We want to have every drink mix in our pods and redefine the who people use drink mixes in a meaningful way. Simultaneously, we see the introduction of our product as a means to benefit the environment,” Raszewski said.

Because they hold a high standard when it comes to food packaging, DisSolves’ packaging is made from the natural, high-quality ingredients that are approved internationally for human consumption, unlike other companies who introduced edible packaging made entirely out of plastic. This option is also extremely sustainable and because it dissolves entirely, it does not leave behind waste in a landfill. Connect with DisSolves on Youtube to learn more.

At the Show, each of the six participants will be provided with a booth space for both days of the Show, where they will give a presentation on their business idea to attendees and the sponsors, who will be providing their services to the winner. Attendees and sponsors will vote for their favorite business idea. Voting will take place starting on Friday, April 20th for Pittsburgh’s favorite business idea using a TEXT to vote system that is sponsored by FYRE, INC a Pittsburgh based business that helps businesses with their mobile marketing needs. Pitch participants can also share their ideas on social media to gain more votes. The business with the most votes wins the sponsor services and support for their business. The winner will also be presented with the Pittsburgh Business Pitch award on the main stage of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

At this two-day event, DisSolves will have the opportunity to win sponsored services and support to help them launch their brand and business in the area, but will also have the chance to network with industry leaders and learn from over 30 business workshops designed to help businesses improve and succeed. Those interested in attending the Show can receive two-day discounted tickets good for all events on the 2018 agenda.