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Pittsburgh Business Pitch: Gypsy Artistry

Gypsy Artistry

Gypsy Artistry, a traveling pop-up art studio, will be joining the 2018 Pittsburgh Business Show on April 25th and 26th to participate in the Pittsburgh Business Pitch. This unique program will give six new Pittsburgh start-up business concepts the opportunity to win start-up services that can help get their business moving forward.

Traveling Artists Bring the Crafting to You

Gypsy Artistry, owned by Tanya Bashor, offers unique crafting and art services to those who want to take the hassle out of crafting and have fun with friends, family or co-workers. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of crafting supplies at the store or you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to beginning a new craft, the Gypsy Artistry can bring the supplies and the easy to follow instructions to get you started. “I love to encourage creativity and by providing all the materials along with guidelines as to how to create the finished piece, I hope to take the fear out of art!” Bashor said.

This traveling, pop-up art studio can bring the crafting workshop to you at your favorite winery, your office, and even your home. They also do fundraisers, private events, and children’s parties, giving customers a fun and easy way to encourage their creativity and create a personalized craft, for their home or to give as a gift, with their own unique touch. Gypsy Artistry offers a large variety of workshops ranging from flower arranging (fresh and silk) to seasonal wreaths, mosaics, beading, painting, planter and shadow box designs as well as paper crafts and much more. Connect with Gypsy Artistry to learn more.

Bashor said being a part of the Pittsburgh Business Pitch will give her business a lot of exposure while she is still in the very early start-up stages. “My vision is that Gypsy Artistry becomes a familiar name around Pittsburgh, and gets to be the buzz around town as this new fun way to spend an evening with friends!” Bashor said.

At the Show, each of the six participants will be provided with space for both days of the Show, where they will give a presentation on their business idea to attendees and the sponsors, who will be providing their services to the winner. Attendees and sponsors will vote for their favorite business idea. Voting will take place starting on Friday, April 20th for Pittsburgh’s favorite business idea using a TEXT to vote system that is sponsored by FYRE, INC a Pittsburgh based business that helps businesses with their mobile marketing needs. Pitch participants can also share their ideas on social media to gain more votes. The business with the most votes wins the sponsor services and support for their business. The winner will also be presented with the Pittsburgh Business Pitch award on the main stage of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

By participating in this two-day event, Gypsy Artistry will have the opportunity to win sponsored services and support to help them launch their brand and business, but will also have the chance to network with industry leaders and learn from over 30 business workshops designed to help businesses improve and succeed. Those interested in attending the Show can receive two-day discounted tickets good for all events on the 2018 agenda.