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President of the Pittsburgh Business Show Wins Alumni on the Move Award at Edinboro University of PA

Linda Jo Thornberg, President of the Pittsburgh Business Show and VP of Corporate Communications and PR at Higher Images, was awarded the Alumni on the Move Award by Edinboro University of PA on May 3rd.

This award serves to honor Edinboro alumni who are accomplished in their chosen career field and who continue to stay engaged and connected with the university.

Linda Jo earned her degree at Edinboro University of PA and was very involved on campus working with the student activities department organizing the homecoming festivities as well as serving on student government, acting as President of the Alpha Sigma Tau National Sorority and serving on the Panhellenic Council among other activities.

“I am incredibly humbled by this award, being recognized out of all of the Alumni of Edinboro over the past 160 years is such an honor,” said Linda Jo. She said the award is something that she feels blessed to have received. Linda Jo received the award at the Athena Connections Celebration Luncheon and had the privilege of having dinner with Dr. Michael Hannan, Interim President of Edinboro University and Dr. Jim Wertz, Associate Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Linda Jo’s education and mentorship from Edinboro University provided her with the tools needed to create the Pittsburgh Business Show, a B4B Tradeshow, Conference and Networking event held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA. Her education has also helped her excel in her position of leadership within the business community and at Higher Images, where she develops strategic communication strategies to help her clients to grow their brand and reputation through various mediums including social media, digital marketing, PR, print, TV, and Radio.

She said having the support of the professors and faculty at Edinboro helped to shape her into who she is today. “There are so many great mentors there, so many people that continue to support me from the university and it is an unexplainable feeling of family that I feel many of the graduates of the Boro would agree helps to continue to cultivate the relationship after all of these years,” Linda Jo said.

She said she remains connected to Edinboro through the communications department, her relationships she developed during her college years that continue today as well as through programs such as the ATHENA Connections College Leadership Program for at-risk students, where she continues to serve as a facilitator.

She said this program covers eight tenets of women’s leadership that she feels are very empowering to the young women who participate. “It was amazing to be a part of those young women’s lives and see the impact of all of the mentors that give these women the courage to live the tenets of leadership each and every day,” said Linda Jo.

Julie Chacona, Director of Development of Edinboro University, who presented the award, described Linda Jo is the “poster alumni” for Edinboro. “She is so willing to give back, and she does so in such a selfless way,” said Julie.

Julie said when determining the winner of this award, they look for alumni who not only have accomplished careers and continue excel in their field but also those who are connected and engaged with their alma mater and promote EU in their communities.

She said they also look for alumni who give back to EU through volunteer service, hosting and attending alumni events, providing internships to EU students, mentoring, serving on committees or advisory boards, etc.

“Linda Jo personified the reason we have this award. She really hit every point. She’s done well in her career. She’s connected to her alma mater. She’s volunteered, and she’s mentored,” said Julie.

Julie said Linda Jo’s commitment to the ATHENA Program is very inspiring. “She has really provided a real mentoring opportunity for students. She really understands some of the struggles students go through,” Julie said. She said this program provides a meaningful way to give back and create a positive impact on the lives of young women attending the university.

Edinboro University continues to support Linda Jo’s vision by participating in her event year after year. They most recently launched the newly created MBA program at the event and hosted an Alumni event at the show as well.  The third annual Pittsburgh Business Show will be held on May 14-15, 2019 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Visit for more information.