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Tips for Selecting a Prime Location for your Booth at a Business Show

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Your business show booth is a major part of your marketing program. You want people to approach you, so it’s critical that you’re in a good location. Here are some tips from some trade show warriors who know exactly what’s required to ensure that potential clients and customers not only find your booth, but engage you, so that you’ll be able to create a relationship and determine what they need for their business.

• Hone in on Your Goals. “My business goals may not be the same as others. For a trade show to be successful for me and my business, it’s important that I’m in an area that gets as much foot traffic as possible, so I like to be near an entrance. When people walk in, I want to be right in front of them.” – Laura, Philadelphia, PApittsburgh business show

• Conduct Some Research to Ensure ROI. “When you receive the booth map, take a careful look so that you know where you don’t want to be. For example, some booths may be on dead end aisles, and will probably receive much less foot traffic. I always study the map and see what locations are near the bathrooms, the stage, and the entrances. I avoid the area near the exits, because I’ve found that when people are ready to leave, they walk past everything and don’t stop until they are out the door.” – Allan, Erie, PA

“I like my booth to be near where a conference or workshop is emptying out. Participants will leave these sessions energized and looking for something new to try. That’s perfect for me. I sign a lot of people up that way.” – Alison, Youngstown, PA

• Determine Your Booth Requirements. “Think about how big your booth is, and then look at the spaces that are available. You’ll want to find the best fit possible. If the space is too small, your setup and booth will look cramped and ill-fitting. At the same time, if you’re looking for a larger space, make sure that you have enough people and equipment to attract an audience. There’s nothing worse than hearing, ‘Is that all there is to your booth?’ I’ve learned my lesson on choosing the right location for a business show.” – Darcy, Columbus, OH

• Look for Barriers. “Before my first business show, I had picked out what I thought would be a fantastic location. It was the right size, in the right place. What I didn’t realize when I looked at the floor plan was that it was blocked by a large column. All of the foot traffic tried to avoid the column, and I realized that meant they were also avoiding me. They didn’t even see me—so I went out into the aisles to talk to people. Because that was such a successful event for me, I now often stand in front of my booth now to discuss my service. The real element of a successful business show is forming relationships with the attendees.” – Garret, Pittsburgh PA

Pittsburgh Business Show Connects Businesses, People, and Resources
The Pittsburgh Business Show, a B2B trade show and networking event, will be held on April 19-20, 2017, at downtown Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Our floorplan offers prime booth space with lots of foot traffic. If you’d like to be a part of the largest expo in the tri-state region, visit our website at so you can see the booth spaces that are available. Don’t wait—exhibitor space is filling up, and we expect thousands to visit during this two-day event.