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Ridge Runner Distillery

Ridge Runner Distillery

The Pittsburgh Business show is excited to announce the Ridge Runner Distillery as a new exhibitor at its 2018 event. The Pittsburgh Business Show is the largest business-for-business tradeshow in the region being held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center on April 25 and 26, 2018. Ridge Runner Distillery will have the opportunity to meet and network with thousands of Pittsburgh business leaders and executives bringing awareness of their distillery, products, and tours to the Pittsburgh area.

Bringing a Taste of the Whiskey Rebellion to Southwestern Pennsylvania

Ridge Runner Distillery, located in the seat of the whiskey rebellion in the Laurel Highlands, built the distillery from the ground up to instill excellence in their products. Christian W. Klay, owner of the distillery, is a second-generation winemaker and was taught by his mother Sharon how to grow grapes and make and sell wine. Although he has a great appreciation for wine and the winemaking process, Klay decided to pursue his passion for good whiskey. With a wine making background, the distillery offers grape-based liquors such as Grappa and Brandy, using the grapes they grow right across the street. RRD controls the distilling process from the harvest until the bottle leaves the distillery. They offer truly original liquors such as oak-aged whiskey, vodka and un-aged, grain moonshine. RRD works to retain the spirit of rebelliousness and ingenuity of the distillers from 200 years ago and use it to bring you a taste of the whiskey rebellion. Connect with Ridge Runner Distillery to learn more about their products or to schedule a tour of the distillery.

With over 300 exhibitor booths from 80 different industries, the Pittsburgh Business show offers business professionals a unique opportunity to network with a variety of businesses and to learn from over 30 different workshops designed to help improve businesses. Those interested in attending the Show and participating in the networking events and presentations can receive two-day discounted tickets.