Cori Wamsley

Cori Wamsley helps business owners make a bigger impact by writing a book for their business. People don’t buy a package. They buy a person. A whole person who resonates with them. A person they can trust. Connection is key, and writing a book not only shows that you are an expert in your field, but it also helps others get a feel for the person behind the business.

Cori helps people connect with others through their writing. She is a writing coach and book editor who helps business owners write books to build their business. She also offers an advice blog and writing courses, and she will speak to your group or organization about writing and telling your story.

Cori wrote and self-published six fiction books. Her books include four in a magical middle grade mystery-fantasy series, Martina Mackenzie; a novel that takes a humorous look at obsessive editing and the path to finding your life’s purpose, Confessions of the Editor Brigand; and a self-illustrated children’s epic poem about a brave but clumsy knight, The Knight and the Ninjas.

Cori is also the executive editor and a writer for Inspiring Lives Magazine, as well as a board member of The Global Sisterhood nonprofit. She has 10 years’ experience as a professional writer and editor for the Department of Energy and the Department of Justice. Cori holds a master’s degree in British literature and bachelor’s degrees in English and biology.