Dr. Casey Reason
Grand Canyon University
2018 Speakers

Dr. Casey Reason

Dr. Casey Reason is an award-winning author and prominent thought leader in the areas of leadership development and emergent instructional design. The author of seven books, Casey has over two decades of experience as a keynote speaker, leadership trainer and executive coach. His specialization is helping leaders learn to consistently create organizational cultures ideal for innovation. His message is that all innovation comes from learning, and the best leaders know how to create a culture where innovation and the continuous pursuit of better ideas are non-negotiable working conditions.

He’s coached CEOs in Fortune 100 companies, led C suite leadership training and provided high-impact aspiring leadership training for companies like American Express, General Dynamics, and Origami Owl. His first book was endorsed by Dr. Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager and in 2015 he co-authored a book on Professional Learning Communities with Dr. Richard DuFour.

Casey is also an expert in emergent approaches for instructional design and cutting-edge digital/blended learning solutions. He has led and/or served on design teams all over the world, serving clients like the Tata Group, Starbucks, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Mindspace, a training company that specializes in using gamification as a high-impact training strategy.

Dr. Reason was featured in Forbes.com after winning the Blackboard International Designer of the Year award and his first book was a PDK International book of year award winner. Casey lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his twin sons, Brice and Kiah.