Dr. Chet Thompson
Associate Dean
Community College of Beaver County

Dr. Chester (Chet) Thompson is a successful, highly motivated

academic, business, and civic-minded professional with experience

selling pharmaceutical products for multiple disease states and

conditions and high tech software applications to numerous clients

such as Bell South, Citibank and Humana Healthcare. Further, he has

demonstrated strengths in leadership, product knowledge, and team

building. He has the proven ability to create strong customer relationships and deliver energetic and passionate presentations. Moreover, Chet has extensive experience educating and mentoring students, strategic partners other colleagues while winning multiple awards and recognition for outstanding business, education and community performance. Chet’s professional development began with summer jobs in the fast paced hustle bustle atmosphere in New York City. A Bronx native, Chet began his career at The International Paper Company during the summer months while attending college. After receiving his BA from the University of Maryland at College Park, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, where he was stationed with the I&I Staff, Bowling Air Force Base, Washington DC. After leaving theMarine Corps, Chet started his career as an Urban Planner at the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission and worked his way up the establishment leading various team projects. He later left the Planning Commission in 1998 to pursue his MPA from the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. Upon graduating from GSPIA in 2000 he immediately began work as a consultant with the Oracle Corporation as a Customer Relationship Management Consultant (CRM). A year later he pursued a sales career with Pfizer, Inc. marketing, selling and promoting a multitude of pharmaceutical products to hospitals, physicians, and other key stakeholders in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Chet received his doctorate degree in Information Systems and Communications from Robert Morris University, his dissertation topic focused on healthcare consumers’ perceptions of their electronic medical records(EMRs).

Dr. Thompson is recognized for his excellent presentation and relationship and team building skills. He has won numerous top performance awards and has earned the respect and admiration of managers, colleagues and clients and students. If there was one consistent theme shared by his cohorts, it is Chet’s passion, drive and ability to engage everyone he comes in contact with.


Chet is a devoted and loving husband and father of two daughters and a cat named Josie. Lastly, Mr. Thompson is an active member of PI Alpha Alpha National Honor Society and Life Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. He is deeply involved in current affairs as it pertains to social equity, community outreach, and the affairs of his hometown community of Rochester, Pennsylvania.

A few of Dr. Thompson’s achievements include the following:

• $170,000, Heinz Endowments, in partnership with the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh and collaboration with Institutional Advancement, a grant to help cultivate program participants enrolled in the Black Male Leadership Development Institute, May 2015, Pittsburgh, PA

• $68,000, Heinz Endowments, in partnership with the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh and collaboration with Institutional Advancement, a continuance of funds grant to help cultivate program participants enrolled in the Black Male Leadership Development Institute

• Established initial communication and advisement and ongoing communication with RMU’s black male students.

• Developed and facilitated a Panel Discussion with Students, Staff, Faculty and Mental Healthcare Professionals, Wednesday, March 2, 2016.

• Developed, planned and coordinated the first of minority scholarship expo during the week October 17-21 in partnership with the Harvard School of Business and other noteworthy organizations.

• Collaborated with numerous program officersfrom nationally recognized scholarship and internship programs.

• Developed, planned and coordinated student initiated The Health Professionals Panel of Pittsburgh-“Finding Your Niche in Medicine”, Thursday October 13, 2016.

Finally, Chet is a Board Member for the Beaver County YMCA, Board of Trustee, PA Cyber, Board Member, Franklin Center of Beaver County, Committee Member, the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (PMAHCC), and Council Member, the University of Pittsburgh African American Alumni Council (AAAC). He is an active voice in the Rochester Borough Community. He is an avid runner, swimmer, cyclist, and carpenter.

Chet Thompson was Assistant Vice President, Underrepresented Minority Student Achievement- Office of the Provost, and Director of the Black Male Leadership Development Institute (BMLDI), Robert Morris University. He is an adjunct faculty at Robert Morris University (RMU) and the Community College of Beaver County (CCBC). Chet is currently Associate Dean, School of Business, Arts, Science.