Milena Roucka

After moving to Pittsburgh and having a baby, I knew I needed to make my nutrition a priority. As a new mom, I was looking for easy meals that tasted amazing. Serendipitously while at a local salon, I had met Courtney and we quickly became friends.

We made these easy meals that could work in several ways, for a few days and always tasted incredible!!! I told her that everyone deserved to know that they didn’t have to sacrifice their taste buds for healthy eating, getting fit, and feeling fabulous!!!

That’s how Totally Fit Mama was created. Our meal plans have been designed to change how you feel about yourself with cooking real food, fast and loving the results! I am living proof that this really works and want you to see that it can work for you too!  Since beginning TFM, we also created THE BEST clean, mini protein bars!!!! With 90 calories, 4g of sugar and 7g of protein, I eat two a day and never feel guilty!!!