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Starting Better Conversations at Your Next Networking Event

Communication is critical at any networking event. At the Pittsburgh Business Show Speed Networking Event, May 5th, 2020, you will have the opportunity to network with 100’s of business owners, executives, professionals, and innovators in the Pittsburgh region. 

With effective communication, you can make a stronger connection, which will help you build, maintain, and grow over time. To make the most out of your networking time, follow these tips:

Ask open-ended questions. 

And open-ended questions like Who? What? Where? When? Why? require more than just a yes or no response. These types of questions show the person that you are interested in what they have to say, which will keep them talking and help you maintain a rapport.

Be attentive and listen. 

Listening is key. Don’t just pause and wait for your turn to respond. Be sure to pay attention and be present in the moment. Avoid multitasking or thinking of other things and stay focused on the conversation. By listening, you can build up trust with the other person while learning how you can help them and how you or your business can be helped by them.

Assume you have something to learn. 

It can be easy to come across as superior in a conversation every once in a while, but it is essential to avoid pontificating during a networking conversation. It is also important to assume that the person you are speaking can teach you something. It is helpful to pause before you speak and determine whether you are putting too much of your own feelings into the conversation to avoid sounding as if you think you know everything about a particular subject, and only your thoughts are correct.

Admit when you don’t know or aren’t sure of something. 

Networking is about building trust, so it is essential to avoid lying. By lying to people, you will appear untrustworthy and unreliable, which can put a damper on your ability to connect with people and grow your network. People will appreciate your honesty because they don’t expect you to know everything. By being honest, you can build a stronger foundation for a great conversation.

Speed Networking at the Pittsburgh Business Show

The Pittsburgh Business Show is the region’s largest tradeshow, conference and networking event where you can meet with people from a variety of industries to help build and grow your network. Join us for this one-of-a-kind business-for-business speed networking event at the Show on May 5th, 2020. To purchase your ticket