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Stop Pitching, Start Networking


Your specific approach to business networking can have a massive impact on how beneficial it can be in terms of boosting and growing your establishment. Ultimately, business owners and entrepreneurs need to stop pitching their products and services. Rather, they need to start doing some serious networking. Think about it – nobody likes being pitched to. They do, however, enjoy speaking to interesting individuals about industry-relevant news and events, as well as sharing tidbits about their establishments, without being overly promotional about it. 

Stop Selling, Start Educating 

Say you own a shoe company that designs shoes for people who struggle with foot problems. Speak to other people about their personal pet hates when it comes to shoes, and explain why it can be so difficult to find shoes that fit well and provide enough support. Once you have reminded people about their individual pain points, you can naturally slip in a short and concise business pitch. They will be so caught up in the conversation that they will not even realize that it was a pitch in the first place. 

Tell People What Your Dream Referral Is 

Once you have covered the business education part of the networking, the order of the day will automatically shift and people will begin chatting about how they can assist each other. One of the most beneficial aspects of networking is the possibility of receiving referrals. Make sure that your new contacts are well aware of who your target market is and who your dream referral would be. Do not forget to return the favor! 

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