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Top 10 Reasons to Attend the 2020 Pittsburgh Business Show


Owning and operating a small business is no small feat. As a sole entrepreneur or business partner in the Pittsburgh community, you’ve tasked yourself with assuming all the financial risk, kissed the 40-hour workweek goodbye, and your responsibilities now include hiring, training, managing, marketing, budgeting, forecasting, and  networking!

B4B networking is vital to your company’s growth. But how do you find the time to get out there and meet others like you?

Here are the top 10 reasons you should attend the 2020 Pittsburgh Business Show.

1. Expand your Network.

As a small business owner – especially a new business or start-up – it’s tough to network when you wear so many hats. The Pittsburgh Business Show is a one-day event giving you the opportunity to connect with thousands of others in the Pittsburgh business community.

2. Create Brand Awareness. 

Small businesses simply don’t have the budget to hire big firms to manage their advertising or marketing strategies. As a sponsor or exhibitor, you can get your name in front of others while discussing small business marketing solutions with smaller, boutique agencies in attendance.

3. Panel Discussions. 

Attend the Pittsburgh Business Show’s Q & A sessions and talk openly with Pittsburgh’s top innovators and industry professionals.

4. Speed Networking. 

These unique, one-on-one sessions offer business leaders, executives and professionals time to sit down, swap contact info, ideas and converse with one another about topics pertaining to your industry.

5. Diversity & Inclusion Programs. 

Listen in on how Pittsburgh leaders are investing in their business and employees by becoming more socially aware, diversified and innovative.

6. Generate Leads. 

Create connections with attendees, and generate new, qualified leads.

7. Display your Products & Services. 

Connect with hundreds of company decision-makers looking for the products and services you sell.

8. Pittsburgh Business Choice Award. 

With nominees from 80 industries, find out who will win the 2020 Pittsburgh Business Choice Award and learn the secrets of their success.

9.  Job Fair. 

You are brilliant and motivated, but you can’t do it all. The Pittsburgh Business Show’s Job Fair helps connect talented job seekers with desirable employers – like you!

10. Make a Boom! 

Your small business makes a huge difference in the Pittsburgh economy. If we come together, we can make it boom!

The Pittsburgh Business Show was created so business owners, start-ups, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, employees, and industry leaders could come together to connect, collaborate, discuss their struggles and successes, and ultimately help one another grow in the vast Pittsburgh landscape.

Interested in becoming a Sponsor or Exhibitor for the 2020 Pittsburgh Business Show? Visit