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Trade Show Checklist and Timeline

Trade Shows Pittsburgh

The best time to start preparing for your next trade show is about 9-12 months away from the event. It’s a long big window, but you’ll be happy that you have enough time to plan, prepare, and then gather all the materials that you need to create your trade show environment.

A Checklist for Your Next Trade Show

Preparing for a trade show can overwhelm even a veteran vendor. We’ve prepared this handy checklist so that you have what you need, when you need it.

Budget: Only part of your budget is used on your display. There are also the marketing materials, the cost of creating a demo, the staff training and day-of-show help, plus shipping and moving costs. Don’t be caught by surprise.

Materials: Your marketing materials are often the only physical take-away that people have when they leave your booth. Make sure that your materials feature products and the solutions that they provide to businesses.

Campaign: Every trade show vendor should create a marketing campaign that is designed to draw people to the trade show that they’re attending. While companies use email and social media to drum up interest, traditional advertising, such as magazine, newspaper and billboard ads can also be effective, depending on your audience. trade show check list

Follow This Simple Trade Show Timeline

·        When you’re 8-12 months away, you should consider upcoming shows, book your space, and make your down payment.

·        When you’re 6-8 months away, determine your goals and start planning your booth design.

·        When you’re 4-6 months away, gather your marketing materials and see which ones must be re-ordered or re-written. Find appropriate give-away items.

·        When you’re 2-4 months away, determine who will be working on your booth, and set the work schedule. Make plans for transportation, such as car or air travel. If you are creating a demo, assign the work for completion 2 weeks prior to the show.

·        When you’re 1-2 months away, plan for advertising and public relations opportunities, including billboards, magazine ads, and press releases.

·        When your 2 weeks away, confirm your booth space and electrical or special needs. Make sure your staff is trained to greet attendees. Check the demo for changes.

·        When you’re 1 week away, pack up your booth display and other materials, and ship them out if necessary.

·        When you’re ready to attend, come to the show and pick up your ID badge.

Business Shows in Pittsburgh

The 2nd Annual Pittsburgh Business Show will be taking place in April 2018. Participation for companies is limited by industry, so you should sign up today to participate as a vendor. The Show is designed to help start-up businesses, established organizations, and Fortune 500 companies learn how to achieve their goals, increase their revenue, and connect with people and resources that will jump-start their businesses. Visit our website at to plan your next business show in Pittsburgh.