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May 5th, 2020


These are just a few of the Speakers and Workshops that you can plan to see at the Pittsburgh Business Show. Not all speakers and workshops are on our website yet. We currently have over 30 speakers and  workshops to attend over the two day period.

Please check back often and take a look at the Pittsburgh Business Show Agenda to plan your days at the show.

Topics will be well-rounded and include all things business from buying and selling a business to how to increase your profits. You will also learn from experts in topics such as Marketing, IT, Security, Human Resources, and much more.

Registration for the 2-Day Ticket  includes entrance into all of the Speakers sessions at the Pittsburgh Business Show.


36 results out of 36 posts
  • Andrea Wetherald
    Andrea Wetherald

    Fun Over Friction: The Secret Sauce for Powerful and Impressive Teamwork - Andrea Wetherald is a social worker turned...

  • Bill Flanagan
    Bill Flanagan
    Executive Vice President, Corporate Relations
    Allegheny Conference On Community Development

    The Pittsburgh region seems to be an overnight success, at least in term of global recognition, attracting everything from...

  • Bob Floreak
    Bob Floreak
    Human Resources
    Acuity Human Resources

    Bob has led the Human Resources and Strategic Business efforts for small companies and large national corporations. He will...

  • Cori Wamsley
    Cori Wamsley

    Cori Wamsley helps business owners make a bigger impact by writing a book for their business. People don’t buy...

  • Courtney Daylong
    Courtney Daylong

    Totally Fit Mama - Personal Development and Product Launch - A Story of How Two Women Embraced Life and...

  • Dan Harmon
    Dan Harmon
    Vice President
    Higher Images

    As a presenter at the Pittsburgh Business Show, Dan Harmon’s goal is to educate business owners on how the...

  • Darieth Chisolm
    Darieth Chisolm
    Visibility and Media Strategist

    With the heightened attention around sexual assault, violence against women and the #metoo movement, one brave woman turned her...

  • Dave Weber
    Dave Weber
    Business Banking
    Dollar Bank

    Dave has over 15 years of banking experience. He has spent the last eight years overseeing both sales and...

  • David Maniet
    David Maniet
    Maniet Financial Services

    David Maniet, founder of Maniet Financial Services Network, will be speaking at the Pittsburgh Business Show on what is...

  • Dr. Casey Reason
    Dr. Casey Reason
    Grand Canyon University

    Dr. Casey Reason will be presenting about the ever-changing business landscape, from a leadership prospective. The presentation will include...

  • Dr. Denis Rudd
    Dr. Denis Rudd
    General Manager
    New Horizons Pittsburgh

    New Horizons will offer a training session on Office 365. With so many cloud services available to companies, it...

  • Dr. Scott Miller
    Dr. Scott Miller
    Edinboro University

    Dr. Miller has a wide variety of administrative experiences in higher education and has led and served on multiple...

  • Dr. Shellie Hipsky
    Dr. Shellie Hipsky
    Inspiring Lives Magazine

    Our business and personal stories can open the gates for our perfect clients and customers to walk in and...

  • Eric Davis
    Eric Davis
    Managing Partner
    Elliott & Davis, PC

    The session will provide an overview of how the use of Service Contracts that are client-centered and written in...

  • George Robinson II
    George Robinson II
    MANGER of SUPPLIER DIVERSITY UPMC George Robinson II is Manager of Supplier Diversity for The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). He joined UPMC...
  • Gina Thornberg
    Gina Thornberg
    SEO Specialist
    Higher Images

    Gina Thornberg has been working with Higher Images since 2011 to help increase website traffic and leads to client’s...

  • Heather Hopson
    Heather Hopson
    Not long ago, Heather Hopson lived in the Cayman Islands and hosted a television show. Today, she’s back home...
  • James Julius
    James Julius
    Founding Partner

    Think smarter, grow faster and increase the bottom line. Has your business reached a plateau, are you suffering from...

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